This is that moment.  That sweet, holy, precious moment I became a mama.  Bella Joy entered my world almost 6 years ago, and my life has been gloriously wrecked ever since.  I believe when we birth our children part of who they are gets deposited in the deepest parts of our mama selves.  Bella is our sensitive, creative, thoughtful little who awakened the creative part of me which remained in a deep, dark corner for years.  My second little, Willow Eve, is our strong, brave little who gave me the bravery to bear my creative soul to the world.  Wren River, is our powerful girl full of spirit and life who teaches me daily in order to tackle this creative venture, motherhood, anything which beckons my soul that I must access something much stronger than myself.  I am not that maker who has been creating and dreaming of being an artist her whole life.  Like motherhood, creativity has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into the beautiful, hard place where raw, authentic growth happens.  Somedays I am yelling at my sewing machine, and other days I am squealing at a new idea that has taken shape. But all the days together-the maddening and the exciting, the ugly and the beautiful, the disappointing and the hopeful, they all weave a story worth living.  Both motherhood and this creative venture have caused who I am to be challenged and made better.  They have caused my heart and soul to bloom. 

bellabloomkids exists to provide beautiful, handmade, safe products to the little world.  But we hope that it does not simply end in a product.  Our dream is that this grows to become a platform for inspiring mamas to live out of their most real and authentic selves. In Bella's room, there is a print which says, "Protest the chaos with something beautiful."  That has been our heart for our girl and for this brand.  Motherhood is hard and messy and chaotic, but we hope by sharing product and sharing life, bellabloomkids can bring a little beauty to the mess.