what is the size difference between the mini and the large nature mobile?

the large nature mobile measures 18" across while the mini nature mobile measures 12" across.

do the nature mobiles include a feather bomb? what is the difference between the included feather bomb and the luxe feather bomb?

yes, the regular feather bomb is included in the purchase of a nature mobile.

the regular feather bomb includes one feather of your choice.  the luxe feather bomb includes 2 feathers of your choice or twice the amount of the feather of your choice to make a fuller feather bomb.

why does it take so long to get my mobile?

we allow each customer to custom design a mobile that perfectly fits their personal style and space. each mobile is crafted from start to finish by my hands.  as a maker, i desire to craft safe, quality products and work hard to ensure you get the piece your nesting heart desires. as a mama, my 3 girls come first. the 2-3 week timeline ensure both of these things stay in balance.  if you need the mobile faster, we have made "rush order" available at a minimal cost to cut the wait time down to 1 week.  also, if your order is shipping internationally, orders can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to arrive.